3 ways to prepare yourself for caregiving

So, you are ready and eager to be the caregiver for your loved one while they recover from a knee or hip replacement. Fantastic; your loved one is very lucky to have you.

While you may think that preparing for your role as a caregiver is as easy as freezing a few meals and choosing a Netflix series to watch, your caregiving journey will go a lot smoother if you take a little time to plan properly for your role.

Being proactive will help you navigate the caregiving journey more confidently and therefore empower you to provide the best care possible for your loved one.

The following tips will help you prepare yourself for caregiving.

 1. Start the conversation with your loved one.

A lot of uncertainty can be avoided by talking with your loved one ahead of your caring journey. Be open and honest. Tell your loved one what level of care you can provide and the days/times you are available to help. Ask your loved one if you will need to assist them with any other health issues he/she has, such as filling prescriptions or providing for dietary needs.

2. Gather information so you feel confident and prepared.

Having all the information you need on hand will make you feel more confident in your caregiving role. Gather information online and talk to your loves one’s surgeon so you can ask any specific questions about your caregiving journey and their recovery.

3. Make a plan.

Once you have an idea of when and how you would like to provide care to your loved one, speak to your work about whether carer’s leave is available to you. Your employer may be open to temporarily changing your work hours or allowing you to work remotely so you can support your loved one during recovery.

Another important step to take is to speak to your friends and family about your caregiving role so they can support you. Talking to them about what you are doing will also help you feel less stressed and make them more understanding of your commitments.

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1 Feb 2018

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