6 questions to ask your doctor about your knee problems

Knee problems are very common and can occur in people of all ages.

No matter your age, caring for your knee joints is fundamental to living a healthy, happy and active life.

If you have nagging knee pain or if something just doesn’t feel right, you should speak to your doctor about your knee problems.

We’ve shared some tips and questions to help you prepare for your appointment with your doctor so that you come away feeling informed about what’s going on.

First, to give your doctor the best idea of what’s happening, make sure you keep a record of when you first noticed your knee pain or discomfort, when it bothers you the most (morning or night and while walking or at all times, does it wake you at night) and where the pain is coming from.

Second, make sure you know what questions to ask your doctor about your knee pain.

Print this list and take it to your appointment so you remember to ask all the questions you have.

  1. What is causing my knee pain? Is there a name for the condition?
  2. How can I prevent the pain from reoccurring?
  3. Will I need to have any tests on my knee?
  4. What are your recommendations for treating my condition?
  5. How can I go back to doing the activities that I wish to do, without pain?
  6. Who can you recommend to help me with my knee problems?

There are many common conditions that could be affecting your knee. And to help treat your condition, your GP might refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in knee pain treatment, knee replacement surgery and knee surgery to provide an accurate diagnosis and plan for treatment.

1 Feb 2017

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