How can I prevent an ACL tear?

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No matter whether you are a weekend or professional athlete, you probably don’t want to find yourself out of the game due to an ACL tear.While it is difficult to avoid an injury caused by unexpected...
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5 steps you can take today to avoid hip replacement surgery

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There’s no doubt that every one of us hopes that we can still move our hips like Elvis as we become older. The reality is that with an ageing population and a national passion for high-demand sports...
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What sports have a higher risk of an ACL injury?

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While an ACL tear is no longer a career-ending injury, weekend and professional athletes alike still cringe at the words.Research, training and medical technology advances have come a long way in redu...
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What are the risks of delaying a hip replacement?

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If your doctor has recommended that you have a hip replacement, the decision around when ultimately comes down to you. With the availability of new robotic-assisted technology, streamlined surgical pr...
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How do I know if I've torn my ACL?

how to know if ive torn ACL
An ACL tear is a common injury, particularly for those who play competitive and demanding sports. No matter whether you are a weekend or a professional athlete, the adrenaline of the game and your per...
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How can I avoid re-tearing my ACL after surgery?

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If you’ve torn your ACL, you’re probably very aware of the surgery and the long 6-12 month rehabilitation program required to get you back into the game again.There’s no doubt that after your lo...
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