Caring for the carer - here’s where to find help if you need it

Your role as a carer is vital. However, providing physical and emotional support to someone who has recently undergone a knee or hip replacement can be demanding at times. Fortunately your loved one will only need your assistance for a fairly short time.

You might find yourself overwhelmed by the change that caring for someone brings to your life, develop guilt for wanting a break from being a carer or even notice yourself struggling to control your emotions.

While caring for someone else is rewarding, it’s also important to care for yourself along the way. If you are having difficulty coping, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Beyond your personal network of friends, family and your loved one’s doctor, the below services can assist you in your caregiving role.

  • Knowledge is a powerful tool that can help you along your caring journey. There are plenty of resources available on the internet, particularly on sites like, that offer information, fact sheets and support services for carers.
  • Need a break? Speak to someone from the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre to access a qualified respite service and take a little time out for yourself. Phone 1800 052 222 to speak to a member of their team.
  • Do you want to speak to someone confidentially about any issues related to your caring role? The National Carer Counselling Program provides short-term counselling services specifically for carers and can assist you with coping skills. Call Carers NSW Carer Line on 1800 242 636 to speak to a Carer Support Officer about how you can access the program.
  • Alternatively, if you’d like to share your experience with fellow carers, there are local care support groups available across NSW. You can find your local support group by visiting
  • To search for services available to assist you or your loved one, jump online and visit You’ll find support and social groups, transport and home support, counselling and respite services to suit your needs.

As one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons in Newcastle and the Hunter, Dr Stuart MacKenzie has developed a collection of free guides on knee and hip replacement surgery to help make your caregiving role easier.

1 Feb 2018

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