How to calm your nerves before knee replacement surgery

It’s not unusual to feel fear or anxiety about your upcoming robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. No matter the benefits and pain relief that the procedure may bring, any type of surgery can cause you to feel apprehensive.

While fear of the unknown, the recovery process after surgery, anaesthesia or the outcome might tempt you to hold off your knee replacement, delaying can lead to further deterioration of the joint, increased pain and lack of mobility. Many patients say they are thankful for their knee replacement and wish they had done it sooner.

Here are a few tips to help calm you ahead of your robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery:

  • Prepare for your surgery.

    One of the best ways to put your mind at ease is by being as prepared as you can be for your surgery and recovery. Set out a place where you can rest and recuperate at home with everything you need close by, cook and freeze some meals and tidy up your home so there are no obstacles for when you return.
  • Learn about the procedure.

    Read the information provided by your doctor so that you feel confident about what you can expect for the surgery and recovery.
  • Be positive and relax.

    Try to avoid any negative thoughts about the surgery and use calming techniques, such as baths, meditation and breathing exercises, to calm your anxiety.
  • Keep busy.

    Keeping yourself busy and active will help keep your mind from worrying about you upcoming surgery
  • Talk to friends and family.

    Being honest by talking to your friends and family about your fears could make you feel like a huge weight has been lifted.
  • Talk to your doctor.

    If you do have some concerns about knee replacement surgery, speak to your doctor. A consultation with your doctor will give you the opportunity to ask all of the questions you have regarding the procedure so you can resolve some of your fears.

Remember, it’s normal to feel nervous about your upcoming knee replacement surgery. If you are feeling worried, get in touch with your doctor to arrange a consultation so you can discuss the procedure and the fears you have before your surgery.

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18 Nov 2020

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