How to calm your nerves before robotic assisted knee or hip surgery

It’s completely normal to feel nervous about your upcoming robotic assisted knee or hip replacement surgery.

Although your surgeon performs Mako surgery or robotic-assisted surgery regularly and has a strong track record for getting people moving again, it can still be difficult not to feel anxious about the day.

Whether you are nervous about the surgery process itself, recovery period or being under aesthetic, these tips will help calm your nerves and prepare you for your robotic-assisted knee or hip surgery.

  1.  Overcome any fear of the unknown by learning as much as possible about the procedure. Read the free e-guide on robotic-assisted surgery and ask Dr MacKenzie any questions that you may have about the procedure.
  2. Try using relaxation techniques in the lead up to your journey, such as taking time to enjoy the outdoors, meditating, using slow and deep breathing, listening to music, reading or any other calming activity you enjoy.
  3. Talk to your friends, family and surgeon about any fears you have. Saying your fears out loud can help put your mind at rest.
  4. Talk to any friends who have had knee or hip replacement in the past about their experience
  5. Plan ahead for your surgery. Create a space where you can recover with a comfortable chair and leg rest, books, snacks and water, and anything else you may need. Eat a healthy diet before your surgery to aid recovery.
  6. Keep busy and distract yourself in the lead up to your hip or knee replacement surgery by doing tasks to keep yourself occupied.

Feel assured that you are being treated by one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons in Newcastle and the Hunter, Dr Stuart MacKenzie, using one of the most accurate treatment approaches to a knee or hip replacement.

Remember, your anxiety regarding your surgery is temporary and normal. When you are well and moving again, it will be gone.

For more information on the benefits and the process involved in robotic-assisted hip or knee surgery call 02 4963 3393 or click on the image below to receive our free specialist guide on Robotic Assisted Surgery: Understanding New Technologies for Knee and Hip Replacement.

4 May 2017

Published by Stuart MacKenzie

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