How to prepare your home for when you come back from knee replacement surgery

Are you worried about how you’ll cope when you return home from knee replacement surgery?

Recovery from knee surgery can be less stressful than you think. With some adjustments around your home, you’ll be able to make your knee surgery recovery environment easier to manage. A few small changes can also minimise your recovery time from knee replacement surgery and help you start moving freely again.  

If you’re not sure where to start, use the checklist below (also in printable version). As you begin to prepare your home, more ideas will come to you to create a welcoming, safe environment on your return from hospital.

Things you can do to prepare the living area

  • Clear stairs and pathways of any clutter
  • Remove and store rugs, especially those in most-used areas. These can be a trip hazard
  • Remove TV cables and other electrical cords from walking areas
  • Have a firm, straight-backed chair (with arm rests) that is high enough for you to easily stand up from.

Things you can do to prepare the bathroom

  • Place slip-proof mats in the bath and shower
  • Place slip-resistant and water absorbent rugs on the floor
  • Check if you need a raised toilet seat and bars to support you
  • Use night lights to light the path to the bathroom so you don’t trip.

Things you can do to prepare the kitchen

  • Store most-used items within easy reach
  • Remove and store any items on the floor and walk areas.

Things you can do to prepare your bedroom

  • Make sure your mattress is at least knee height so you can get in and out of your bed easily
  • Clear the walk areas of clutter. And trip hazards.

If you have a pet or plants, organise for someone to care for them while you are having your knee surgery and for a few days when come home from hospital.

Now that your house is ready for you, you will be able to return home from hospital to rest, relax and let your body heal. 

If you have any concerns about coming home after knee replacement surgery, talk to your orthopaedic surgeon or hospital staff. Your surgeon or the hospital should be able to help you organise any equipment you might need for your home after your surgery.

1 Feb 2017

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