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The fascination that humans have with robots dates back many, many years.
Today, robots are helping people to perform daily tasks more easily, providing assistance to the elderly, driving vehicles and even reading the latest news and weather update to you without you touching a button.

But did you know that robots can also help you make a speedy recovery from debilitating knee pain?

If knee pain is holding you back from doing the things you love, you might be considering surgical treatment to replace your diseased or injured bone. While traditional treatment processes still exist, robotic-assisted knee surgery has led to greater accuracy in performing knee replacement surgery.

A robotic guidance system helps orthopaedic surgeons to create and execute detailed plans for what is a complex surgical procedure. Using the Stryker Mako robotic technology, your doctor can create a patient-specific 3D model of your knee that allows them to pre-plan your procedure and perform a more accurate operation.

During surgery, a robotic arm guides your doctor so he/she is better able to remove diseased bone, preserve healthy bone and position the prosthetic joint accurately based on your unique anatomy.

The accuracy of the robotic arm allows your surgeon to place your knee replacement more accurately in the best alignment for your knee.

Dr Stuart MacKenzie is one of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and was the first surgeon in Newcastle to perform robot-assisted knee replacement surgery.

If you are considering a knee replacement, it is reassuring to know your surgeon is using the best technologies and tools to get you the best treatment and long-term result.

For more information on robotic-assisted surgery, grab his free specialist e-guide - Understanding New Technologies for Knee and Hip Replacement.

1 Sep 2018

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