Would you trust a robot to perform your knee or hip replacement?

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Robots have radically changed the way that delicate operations, like knee or hip replacements, can be performed.In fact, research shows that robotic-assisted surgery offers more accuracy beyond tradit...
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What is a meniscus tear?

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Amongst injuries to the knee joint, a meniscus tear is one of the most common.Any activity that requires forced twisting or rotation to the knee can lead to a torn meniscus. It is also often associate...
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Playing Sports After Knee Surgery

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Many patients facing knee replacement surgery are curious about getting back into sport and the activities they can do during and after their recovery period. If you are thinking the same thing, the g...
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Should I Wear a Knee Brace After ACL Surgery?

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After anterior cruciate ligament or ACL surgery, your reconstructed ligament will take some time to heal. During this healing process some doctors may encourage the use of a knee brace to help protect...
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ACL Surgery Recovery Exercises

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Your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery may have slowed you down, but one of the best ways to get back on that field, court or track is to get moving again. Of course, this movement would involv...
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10 frequently asked questions about knee replacement surgery

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Do you need a knee replacement? Chances are you have a few questions about what you can expect from knee replacement surgery and from your recovery.Here are some of the common questions that people as...
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What happens during knee arthroscopy surgery?

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An arthroscopy is a type of minimally invasive keyhole surgery which allows your surgeon to view your knee joint by making only 2 small incisions in your skin.During an arthroscopy, your surgeon will...
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How to prepare for your first consultation ahead of surgery

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Meeting with your surgeon for the first time to discuss your condition and treatment options can be scary, particularly if you’ve never had surgery before.Preparing ahead of your first consultation...
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Can I have a hip and knee replacement at the same time?

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The short answer is no. If you have experienced injury or have arthritis in both your knee and hip, your doctor might recommend that you have both joints replaced but they are not usually done at the...
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5 things you probably don’t know about getting a knee replacement

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Do you have knee pain? You are not alone. Knee pain, joint damage and arthritis in the knee are becoming more and more common.If your pain becomes severe and is holding you back from doing the things...
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How quickly will my knee recover after knee replacement surgery?

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Knee replacement surgery for your knee pain can get you back to living the lifestyle you enjoy, pain-free. However, returning to your everyday activities will take time.Being an active participant in...
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Why does knee dislocation occur and how do you fix it?

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The knee is the largest joint in the human body and one that we give very little thought to until something goes wrong. It is also one of the more complex joints in the body.One of the common injuries...
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5 ways to prepare for recovery from knee replacement surgery

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During your recovery at home after a partial, double or single knee replacement, you will need to be careful with your treated knee/s by avoiding any movements that place stress on it or them.These fi...
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