How to prepare for your first consultation ahead of surgery

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Meeting with your surgeon for the first time to discuss your condition and treatment options can be scary, particularly if you’ve never had surgery before.Preparing ahead of your first consultation...
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Can anyone have Stryker Mako robotic-assisted surgery?

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Knee and hip surgery has come a long way.  Today, orthopaedic surgeons are able to use a Mako robotic arm or conventional open surgery to position an artificial joint replacement in a hip or knee.Bot...
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What are the benefits of using robots during hip and knee replacement surgery?

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Technology has allowed surgeons to take an evolutionary leap forward in the way they perform hip and knee replacement surgery.Robotic-assisted surgery helps people experiencing knee or hip arthritis t...
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How to calm your nerves before robotic assisted knee or hip surgery

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It’s completely normal to feel nervous about your upcoming robotic assisted knee or hip replacement surgery.Although your surgeon performs Mako surgery or robotic-assisted surgery regularly and has...
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How does robotic-assisted surgery work for knee and hip replacements?

How does robotic assisted surgery work for knee and hip replacements
Knee and hip replacement technology has come a long way.One of the more recent innovative and highly successful technologies for hip and knee replacement is using robotic assistance for surgery.Roboti...
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