Total Hip Replacement

Dr Stuart MacKenzie Revision Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement aims to eliminate pain caused by arthritis and other diseases of the hip joint

Total hip replacement has been described as the most successful operation ever conceived and was named ‘operation of the century’.

This operation involves replacing the diseased hip joint with a prosthetic device. The prosthetic device is made of several components and replaces both the ball side of the hip joint and the socket side of the hip joint.

The bearing surface of the hip prosthetic device can made of any combination of metal, ceramic and highly specialised plastic. These bearing surfaces have different properties and Dr MacKenzie will discuss which combination is appropriate for you.

There are a number of different ways of doing a hip replacement. These are called approaches. Dr MacKenzie offers the direct anterior approach for suitable patients. There are a number of benefits to the direct anterior approach including faster recovery. Not all patients are suitable for the direct anterior approach and in these patients Dr MacKenzie uses the posterior approach, the most commonly used approach for hip replacement.

At Lingard Private Hospital, Dr MacKenzie uses robotic assisted surgery to achieve the best possible position of the prosthesis components.