Please note that the following information is pertinent to Hip Replacement Patients only. Patients for other procedures will be supplied information specific to their Surgery prior to the procedure

After the surgery you will be taken to the recovery room and then to a ward.

You may have a catheter in your bladder so you will not need to get up to go to the toilet. This will usually be removed in the morning after your surgery.

In most cases your hip replacement is good enough to walk on by the time you get to the recovery room. A physiotherapist will help you to get up and walk for the first time the day following your surgery.

The physiotherapist will also teach you what you should and should not do with your new hip, for instance getting in and out of bed and putting on your shoes safely.

These precautions are to prevent your hip replacement from dislocating and need to be continued for 3 months following your surgery.

Most patients will be ready to go home from hospital on the third or fourth day following surgery.

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