5 things you probably don’t know about getting a hip replacement

If you have severe pain or joint damage in your hip that is holding you back from doing the things you love, hip replacement surgery might be your best option.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about getting a hip replacement.

Hip replacements aren’t just for older people.

In fact, there has been a rising number of people aged 45-55 undergoing hip replacement surgery. While the reason for this is not entirely known, some believe that people today live more active lifestyles and therefore are more vulnerable to osteoarthritis in hip joints.

Your doctor will talk to you about sex.

Recovery is all about getting back to feeling yourself again, and that includes your sexuality. Your doctor will provide advice on what positions you can enjoy with a partner and the ones to avoid during recovery.

Your hip will feel natural, despite the implant.

New technologies, like robotic-assisted surgery, have given orthopaedic surgeons greater accuracy in the positioning of hip replacement joints. This means that your hip will feel more natural after surgery.

You can expect to enjoy a similar lifestyle to what you had before the pain.

Most patients can expect their lifestyle to be much like it was before the hip pain and surgery although there may be some limitations.

What you do before and after surgery are equally important.

A hip replacement will put you out of action for a little while you recover. It is extremely important to plan for recovery by setting up a comfortable place for you to rest and making home life as easy as possible. Create clear pathways, stock up on food and water and make sure everything you need during recovery is at a height that prevents you from bending over.

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1 Jun 2017

Published by Stuart MacKenzie

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