How quickly will my knee recover after knee replacement surgery?

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Knee replacement surgery for your knee pain can get you back to living the lifestyle you enjoy, pain-free. However, returning to your everyday activities will take time.Being an active participant in...
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Why does knee dislocation occur and how do you fix it?

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The knee is the largest joint in the human body and one that we give very little thought to until something goes wrong. It is also one of the more complex joints in the body.One of the common injuries...
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How does robotic-assisted surgery work for knee and hip replacements?

How does robotic assisted surgery work for knee and hip replacements
Knee and hip replacement technology has come a long way.One of the more recent innovative and highly successful technologies for hip and knee replacement is using robotic assistance for surgery.Roboti...
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5 ways to prepare for recovery from knee replacement surgery

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During your recovery at home after a partial, double or single knee replacement, you will need to be careful with your treated knee/s by avoiding any movements that place stress on it or them.These fi...
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