Surviving Christmas: safety tips for minimising hip and knee injuries

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The festive season is a fun time of celebrations with family and friends. With decorating to be done, Christmas tree toppers to arrange and plenty of food preparation and cleaning required to get read...
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What NOT to do after a hip replacement

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After you have had a hip replacement, you might expect that your life will be very similar to what it was prior to surgery, just without the pain. While in many ways you are right, it does take time t...
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12 days of ACL recovery tips

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With Christmas in the air, Nan’s secret fruit pudding on our minds and the Christmas tree sitting in the loungeroom corner, we thought we’d take advantage of the festive spirit to help break down...
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The top 4 mistakes to avoid after an ACL injury

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Many people who tear the ACL in their knee say that it starts with a surprisingly loud pop. Similar to the snapping of a rubber band.This is usually followed by swelling and pain in the knee. If there...
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5 tips on caring for a loved one after a hip replacement

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If a loved one has had a hip replacement, you’ll no doubt want to lend a hand to make their recovery easier and as pain-free as possible. From facilitating medical appointments to providing emotiona...
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How to get a good nights sleep after an ACL surgery

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There are many ways surgery can help change someone’s life after an ACL tear. While the surgery can help get you moving again, the healing and rehabilitation process takes time.Sleep is an important...
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What NOT to do after ACL surgery

What NOT to do after ACL surgery
Recovering from an ACL reconstruction takes time. Your surgeon will take you through the rehabilitation process and the steps you should follow to ensure your ACL treatment is successful.But did you k...
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The best sleeping positions after a hip replacement

The best sleeping positions for hip replacement
After you have a hip replacement, there are a few precautions you will need to take to ensure your hip is able to heal and so you don’t experience any post-surgery complications. One of the things y...
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New Blog PostHow do my hip joints work?

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You’ve probably heard the common rhyme - “the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone is connected to the back bone…”While the rhyme is certainly catchy, it doesn’t give the hi...
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Is a knee replacement right for me?

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If you are struggling to do the things you love due to pain in your knee, you might need to consider a knee replacement to get you moving again. A knee replacement can be used to treat degeneration du...
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New Blog Robotic technology helps get people with knee pain moving againPost

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The fascination that humans have with robots dates back many, many years. Today, robots are helping people to perform daily tasks more easily, providing assistance to the elderly, driving vehicles and...
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5 common mistakes to avoid after hip replacement surgery

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Australians love to lead active lifestyles. So it is no wonder that many people feel eager to return to their previous activities, sports and hobbies after hip replacement surgery.However, while you m...
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What exercises can I do after a hip replacement?

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If you have had a hip replacement or are considering one to ease your hip pain, you might be wondering what’s next? When can I return to an active lifestyle and what activities can I do after hip re...
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How do my knees work?

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The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. Yet many people don’t appreciate the significant role it has in helping us to do the things we love.The knee is a hinge, weight-be...
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How can I prevent an ACL tear?

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No matter whether you are a weekend or professional athlete, you probably don’t want to find yourself out of the game due to an ACL tear.While it is difficult to avoid an injury caused by unexpected...
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5 steps you can take today to avoid hip replacement surgery

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There’s no doubt that every one of us hopes that we can still move our hips like Elvis as we become older. The reality is that with an ageing population and a national passion for high-demand sports...
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What sports have a higher risk of an ACL injury?

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While an ACL tear is no longer a career-ending injury, weekend and professional athletes alike still cringe at the words.Research, training and medical technology advances have come a long way in redu...
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What are the risks of delaying a hip replacement?

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If your doctor has recommended that you have a hip replacement, the decision around when ultimately comes down to you. With the availability of new robotic-assisted technology, streamlined surgical pr...
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How do I know if I've torn my ACL?

how to know if ive torn ACL
An ACL tear is a common injury, particularly for those who play competitive and demanding sports. No matter whether you are a weekend or a professional athlete, the adrenaline of the game and your per...
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How can I avoid re-tearing my ACL after surgery?

avoid re tearing blog
If you’ve torn your ACL, you’re probably very aware of the surgery and the long 6-12 month rehabilitation program required to get you back into the game again.There’s no doubt that after your lo...
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5 tips on making a faster recovery from an ACL reconstruction

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There’s no quick fix approach to recovering from an ACL or knee reconstruction. Your new ACL needs time to heal so it can return stability and strength to your knee.While it will take you a while to...
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How long does it take to recover from ACL surgery?

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Many weekend and professional athletes are eager to get back in the game following an ACL or knee reconstruction. However, it’s important that you give your knee time to recover, stabilise and heal...
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How does a knee reconstruction work for an ACL injury?

An ACL tear will not heal without surgery. While the swelling and pain will likely ease on their own, surgery will restore the function you previously enjoyed to your knee so you can get back to doing...
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What's the best way to treat an ACL injury?

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Have you injured your ACL and are now wondering if this means game over for the sports and activities you love?We’ve got good news - while the ACL ligament won’t repair itself, there are treatment...
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Confessions of a carer: 5 things you need to know about caregiving

Most people will at some point in their lives provide care to a family member or friend, whether it be for an aging parent or for someone who is recovering from surgery, such as for a hip or knee repl...
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I’ve injured my ACL – do I need surgery?

ACL injury
An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear or partial tear is a common sports or work injury. In fact, you’ve probably heard of professional athletes undergoing a knee reconstruction for an ACL injury...
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Could caring for a loved one add years to your life?

On the quest for a longer, healthier life, people often spend years trying to crack the perfect diet and exercise regime and tap into the latest medical innovations. However, a study published in the...
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3 ways to prepare yourself for caregiving

3 ways to prepare for caregiving
So, you are ready and eager to be the caregiver for your loved one while they recover from a knee or hip replacement. Fantastic; your loved one is very lucky to have you.While you may think that prepa...
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5 tips on mastering the art of caregiving

Caring for someone who is recovering from a knee or hip replacement is rewarding, but it can also be challenging at times even though it is only for a short period. It is not uncommon to feel overwhel...
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Caring for the carer - here’s where to find help if you need it

Your role as a carer is vital. However, providing physical and emotional support to someone who has recently undergone a knee or hip replacement can be demanding at times. Fortunately your loved one w...
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Caring for the carer: 4 things that will make caring for your partner easier

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Caring for your partner after she/he has had knee or hip replacement surgery is one of the most rewarding things you can do. However, it can also be challenging at times.Here are four things that will...
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3 tips on caring for someone after knee replacement surgery

Helping a loved one through recovery from knee replacement surgery is a generous and rewarding experience and one that the patient will appreciate immensely.The recovery process can be tiring and pain...
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