What are the options available now for hip replacements?

Hip pain can be very difficult to deal with every day. If you are experiencing pain in your hip joint, you’re probably wondering what options are available to help you become pain-free.

With improvements in technology and medical research, there is an increasing number of options available to you to help you become pain-free.

Non-surgical treatment options

Not having surgery is always an option. Hip replacement surgery is an elective operation if the timing is right for you. Many people are still able to function adequately with a hip condition and can access non-surgical treatment - such as anti-inflammatory medications, walking aids, physiotherapy and pain medications- that can help to ease pain and inflammation and support function.


Physiotherapy is an alternative to surgical treatment that involves strengthening the muscles around the hip to help ease the pain and decrease the pressure on the joint. Treatments can include exercise, massage and gentle manipulation of the muscles and joints to help improve the overall function of your hip.

Traditional hip replacement surgery

Traditional hip replacement surgery involves a surgeon making an incision and manually replacing the diseased joint in your hip with a prosthetic joint. Although this approach relies more on the experience and judgement of the surgeon, this option has been time-tested, is reliable and produces good results.

Robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery

Technology has allowed surgeons to take an evolutionary leap forward in the way they perform hip replacement surgery. During robotic-assisted surgery, a surgeon uses a robotic arm to more precisely position the artificial joint replacement in your hip. As a result, there may be less potential for the hip implant wearing and failing and there may be a lower risk of dislocation

Before you decide on a method to treat your hip pain, you should consider all of your options and speak with your doctor first.

Dr Stuart MacKenzie is one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in Newcastle and the Hunter and has extensive experience helping people to get moving again through robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery.

17 Sep 2017

Published by Stuart MacKenzie

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